Eight Riversuites - A Vision

8 Riversuites

Every time I share concerning the Eight Riversuites project, most of clients will inform me how “complex” and mature the area is. If everyone think the same then who makes the dough? It’s a similar concept for the stock market, when organization one of the most gain? Invest when many people are afraid or when most people are greedy?

I urge you my pals, envision what's going to happen to the bradenton area down the road years as opposed to harping on the current state. I look forward to our master plan 2013 and the exciting developments our policy makers have with this area rich with culture and heritage.

One other thing note concerning this area is the age of the nearby HDB flats. A lot of them were built in the 1970s. What is your opinion of these chances being en bloc and rejuvenated? I see opportunities. What about you?

I will not enter in the actual specifications of the project. However, I’ll prefer to highlight it’s attractive cost of $1350 psf around the average. Isn’t it a steal considering projects which can be further from city center already commanding $1400 to 1700 average psf?

I like to compare Eight Riversuites with Citylights. In the event you trawl the forums, you might find many negative comments about citylights project on unpleasant surroundings and “longkang” drain views etc…

8 Riversuites

Have a look at the purchase price trend below, what does the chart inform you? Gravity defying prices! Are buyers and investors blind? NO, they see value but are paying around $1600psf now. Have you been saying easily had known I might have invested?


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